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                來源:http://www.wbvnoo.com 時間:2022-03-28 

                Tombstone carving machine can carve materials that are suitable for some aspects? Gradually use natural materials such as granite, marble, glass, granite, etc.
                1. Marble: in personalized carvings, marble is the most ideal raw material of choice. Marble has a good location and solemn color. It gives people a very elegant aesthetic feeling whether it is dark black, dark black, dark green, rose or gray white. Therefore, on the basis of having many traditional products, it has recently developed to carve photos, images and texts with laser technology, which is very popular.
                2. Granite: moisture is very hard, wear-resistant and durable. It is widely used in prizes, souvenirs and buildings. Granite belongs to the limestone system. Its obvious feature is that it has spots. Its color gives people the appearance beauty of "salt and pepper", and some also have the texture of marble. Granite can accept various polishing and finishing treatments. Considering that there are many colors of granite, especially black-and-white granite, which is often used to carve words and images, the carved products have strong visual effect and attract people's attention.
                3. Artificial marble: artificial marble is made of natural marble or polycarbonate crushed stone as filler, cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin as adhesive, after mixing, forming, grinding and polishing. Artificial stone is characterized by light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance and convenient construction. Its carved patterns can be controlled by people. It is an ideal decorative material for modern architecture.
                4. Tombstone: after death, if you want to set up a tomb, most of them must have tombstone text. The name, quota, achievement, date of death, the name of the person who erected the monument and the relationship with the deceased are generally engraved on the tombstone. Writing inscriptions should be full of respect and feelings for the dead. Living people, with their heart, with emotion, with tears, with blood, with the words written by love. It condenses the long road of life and expresses the infinite human and world feelings. Therefore, the selected materials are usually natural stone or artificial stone, and marble shells are the preferred materials.
                5. Preliminary: as the name suggests, it is a sign set next to the road and marked with the number of miles. One piece is set per kilometer, which refers to the calculation distance and sign position of the road mileage of the sign highway and urban road. According to the preliminary color, the national highway is written in red on a white background, the provincial highway is written in blue on a white background, and the county highway is written in black on a white background. Set on the right side of the road.
                6. Ceramic tile: the so-called ceramic tile, through the process of grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing and sintering, forms a kind of acid-base resistant porcelain or stone building or decoration material, which is generally called ceramic tile. Its raw materials are mostly made of clay, quartz sand and so on. Are used for interior decoration.
                The above is the detailed introduction of stone carving machine. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.wbvnoo.com/